Vintage Stages Live (DVD/CD) (autographed)

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    Recorded in Birmingham, AL in 2006, this DVD captures PMB at it's most rockin'. In addition to PMB's core of Pat McGee, Chardy McEwan (percussion) & Jonathan Williams (piano & vocals), Brian Fechino (guitar) and Michael Ghegan (sax), Chris "Crix" Reardon (bass) tear it up on electric guitar, horns & bass. Perhaps the single most important reason to view this epic concert DVD is to see PMB's late drummer Chris Williams lay it down just months before his untimely passing. There is bonus footage showing the roots of Pat's career with acoustic performances at The Barns of Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA. Included is a live CD of the full Birmingham show.

    Pat's take on it..

    We taped this sucker at Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL in the spring of 2006. We had wanted to release a DVD for so long and we finally got around to it. I owe Jeremy Shultz big time for this one. He was a longtime friend/photographer/supporter of PMB and offered to take on this monumental task. He worked with our then label Kirtland Records and somehow made us look like a real deal arena rock band on tape. I remember it being kind of a weird vibe that day because we were in the middle of an acoustic tour with Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers and hadn’t played as a full band in months. In the end I think it helped us out, having not been rehearsed. We played with a sense of excitement that you can’t really get after months on the road.

    CW and Crix were flown in and we got right to work to a packed house of very talented extras. Just kidding. They were real fans and we got real reactions out of them; it lightened the mood of the high pressure situation we were in with the cameras rolling at all times. We also caught some great footage at The Barns of Wolf Trap as the acoustic portion of the DVD, which showcased the other direction the band has taken over the years.

    The only regret I have is that Chris Williams passed away before seeing any footage. He kept saying, “Man, I just want to see it when it’s all done and I can watch it in its entirety.” Sadly, that was never realized. When it came out, we watched it with a very heavy hearts and tearful eyes. I’m extremely happy that we have such a high quality show to document how truly great CW was. Thanks Jeremy and Kirtland Records.