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STUDIO FLY ON THE WALL: The original PMB is getting back together to track a full length album. You get to come (with one guest) to the same studio in Falls Church, VA where we tracked From The Wood and Revel, back in the 1990’s to hang out with the band and listen to what we have accomplished the first week of recording. 

Sunday, Jan 6 in the late morning  (the tentative date for this) we will host a “studio brunch” (limited to 6 people + guests). This has never before been offered, a rare chance to hear and see what we do in there! Be the very first to hear the raw versions of the new material, check out the scene in the studio, see how it all goes down. $2,000 (with this you will receive a signed vinyl/digital download of the album upon completion and yes there will be a chance for photos.