General Admission (CD) (autographed)

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This album was recorded live over 4 nights at The Bayou and The Birchmere in 1998. I recall having a rule that we couldn’t fix anything in post-production. So whatever we did those nights was the final product. I wanted to capture what the band was sounding like at that time in our career and I think we did just that. I had just started playing electric guitar and we were stretching out songs like some of the hippie bands I grew up loving. You can hear me making up the words to “Can’t Miss What You Never Had” as I went along (as I did most nights). The 12-minute plus “Rebecca” was a staple of our sets during that era of PMB (in addition to lots of whiskey). This album, I think, turned some heads in the jam band world and opened up some doors for us for sure. It was the last PMB independent record. We signed to Warner Brothers just as this record was coming out and as we were heading out to California to record Shine.